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After weeks of trimming a few calorieshere, exercising a little more there, you put on a  pair of jeans, and like magic, the waist has grown. You button them up to behold a welcome space between your belly and the fabric. How did that happen?
With 66 percent of the adult American population either overweight or obese[source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], a lot of people are trying to drop some pounds. Through dieting, exercise, surgery or a host of other alternatives, they hope to reach the goal of a smaller body. But to where does that weight disappear when the hard work pays off?
The short answer is that our bodies convert molecules in fat cells to usable forms of energy, thus shrinking the cells. But getting this to happen isn't just about sweat bands and short shorts. Understanding how our bodies perform this tummy-trimming trick requires a little more detail.
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Look GOOD, feel GREAT…..with our ‘Regain Your Health 4 Life Weight Loss Program’. This program has been specifically designed by Greg to enhance the body’s fat burning process. This is done through a combination of diet, exercise and specific nutrients that help stimulate your body’s ability to burn fat.
We also look at other factors that may be inhibiting your ability to lose weight such as; appetite imbalance, emotional issues, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, insulin resistance and poor thyroid function and address these issues to ensure you receive the weight loss results you’re after.

Side effects of being overweight

Being overweight can be one of the biggest health challenges you may face in your life. It can affect you on so many levels; it can cause you physical and emotional pain, reduce your ability to be financially secure, limit your ability to do whatever you want in life, place a burden on your family and most definitely place you in an early grave….read more

Benefits of weight loss

There are many rewarding health and lifestyle benefits that come with weight loss. Not only are you going to improve the quality and longevity of your life but you are going to feel and look great. Some of the benefits you may experience are; increased energy, increased self esteem, better sleep, improved moods, less depression, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels….read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Like most people you have probably tried some form of diet or exercise plan to lose weight in the past and for some people this may work, but for others this is not nearly enough. There are many reasons why you may have difficulty losing weight… more
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Did you know that using hypnosis for helping weight reduction is one of the best ways you are able to shed some weight?   If you have been trying shakes, pills and radical diets,  then you may like to think about this approach instead.   It is a very safe and efficient way of breaking down mental barriers, and making sure that you lose weight in a controlled and sustainable manner.   This might be really attractive to anyone who has tried and failed to control their weight using different techniques, and now wants to find something that will work for them, quickly and permanently.
There are numerous techniques in existence, and at Hypnosolution we have formulated The 8 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss.  The 8 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss System offers a comprehensive approach in using NLP, Neuro-Semantics (Meta-States), and Hypnotherapy to coach a client to succeed in losing weight, and increase  fitness and health.

The course consists of 8 sessions which can be taken at your own pace, 
with full support from myself to ensure you reach your goal.    If you follow 
this course completely to the end, I guarantee that you will lose a 
minimum of 16lbs.   The cost of the 8 sessions is £350, and is 
payable before the treatment starts.   Should you not finish the 
8 sessions, the fee is not refundable;  this should be motivation for you to finish the course.   (We are now able to offer easy payment terms of 8 monthly payments at £50 per month, by direct debit.)
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  • A one on one personal nutrition coaching session with Shari to customize a plan that is unique to YOUR specific needs (remember, there is no "one-size-fits-all" plan)
  • An extensive 60+ page eBook manual outlining the program that includes the KEYS to weight loss success, YES & NO food lists, pantry staples, shopping guides, dining out & traveling tips, and surprise weight loss boosters & busters!
  • Two weeks of carefully designed meal plans so that you don't have to stress over what to cook and eat
  • Over 50 easy & delicious recipes including snacks and desserts
  • DAILY emails that include support, motivational tips, extra recipes and other lifestyle recommendations that support weight loss (fabulous perk to keep you on track!)
  • Unlimited email communication with your nutrition therapist, Shari Engkvist
  • *Optional private nutrition coaching sessions are available during the month following the 2-week program for  $60/hour (reg $75)
  • *Additional supplements available but not required
    This program will jumpstart your weight loss and overall health so that you have all the tools and education to be more aware and make healthy choices ensuring continued weight loss success!
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    Another trendy medication out there works great as long as you combine it with a diet restricted to 500 to 800 calories a day. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is available as a shot, pill or sublingual drops. Guess what? Anyone who eats 500 to 800 calories a day will lose weight! Proponents will tell you that HCG enhances weight loss over placebo because it suppresses appetite and targets the deep fat stores in the body. To date, no credible scientific studies exist to substantiate this claim. 
    So if we assume that HCG is no different than placebo, and we see that people are getting results, you may wonder “where is the danger in taking it?” While HCG poses no inherent risks, the real hazard lies in the extreme caloric restriction that’s part of the diet. When you reduce your calories to very low levels, your body acts as if it is starving. It then decreases the amount of energy that it spends to perform normal functions. It burns fewer calories and becomes more efficient at holding on to energy (fat) because it doesn’t know when it will get refueled. 
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    My patients frequently ask for phentermine—a popular weight loss medication available by prescription. It has recently been combined with topiramate in the new medication Qsymia. Phentermine is an amphetamine, and it helps people lose weight by suppressing appetite. It does not magically melt the weight off, and it does not help people learn healthful weight management habits. And here’s another reason it’s not effective for long-term weight maintenance: After about three months, your body will have developed a tolerance to it and it will no longer work—even if you stop the medication and restart it. 
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    While we don’t recommend ‘weight loss’ supplements, there are some vitamins and other supplements that can help with weight loss.  First, getting adequate protein is important to help keep you full and to help you build lean muscle (which in turn will help you burn more calories).  A protein powder supplement can help to ensure you get enough daily protein in your diet.  Omega 3 fatty acids help increase your metabolism and fat loss by increasing sensitivity to insulin.  Recent studies also show that Omega 3s can also help your body more effectively utilize dietary protein to boost muscle growth.  Vitamin D is another nutrient that increases insulin sensitivity, thereby helping to decrease fat storage.  Lack of vitamin D may also interfere with leptin, the hormone in your body that signals your brain to stop eating when you’re full.  A few other vitamins like vitamins B, C and Calcium are also important to your weight loss goals and overall health.  For more information on these supplements and weight loss, see these articles: