Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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Although it might run contrary to what you’ve heard or always believed, hours of cardio – whether it be the group exercise classes at the gym, treadmill/elliptical or running – has its downsides for weight loss and fitness.  While it does burn calories, cardio has the unfortunate side effect of making you hungrier, and the more cardio you do the hungrier you’ll be.  Cardio also causes injuries due to repetitive motions as well as high-impact movements.  Many cardio devotees and runners tend to overtrain, which causes its own set of injury and weight loss problems. Cardio also doesn’t do much to build muscle, and muscle helps burn calories even while you’re not exercising.  For this reason, a shorter circuit strength type workout can be even more effective for weight loss than hours and hours of cardio!  Finally, every day more trainers and experts in the fitness media are advising that weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise (see #3).  For more information about why cardio doesn’t work for weight loss, why overtraining can be harmful and why strength training large muscles like your legs is a more effective weight loss strategy, check out these articles:
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