Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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Look GOOD, feel GREAT…..with our ‘Regain Your Health 4 Life Weight Loss Program’. This program has been specifically designed by Greg to enhance the body’s fat burning process. This is done through a combination of diet, exercise and specific nutrients that help stimulate your body’s ability to burn fat.
We also look at other factors that may be inhibiting your ability to lose weight such as; appetite imbalance, emotional issues, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, insulin resistance and poor thyroid function and address these issues to ensure you receive the weight loss results you’re after.

Side effects of being overweight

Being overweight can be one of the biggest health challenges you may face in your life. It can affect you on so many levels; it can cause you physical and emotional pain, reduce your ability to be financially secure, limit your ability to do whatever you want in life, place a burden on your family and most definitely place you in an early grave….read more

Benefits of weight loss

There are many rewarding health and lifestyle benefits that come with weight loss. Not only are you going to improve the quality and longevity of your life but you are going to feel and look great. Some of the benefits you may experience are; increased energy, increased self esteem, better sleep, improved moods, less depression, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels….read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Like most people you have probably tried some form of diet or exercise plan to lose weight in the past and for some people this may work, but for others this is not nearly enough. There are many reasons why you may have difficulty losing weight… more


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